Friday, March 31, 2006

Test Results.......... :-)

Its been ages, or so it seems, since the last tests were done. These tests came back great. Some counts are low and will have to be picked up, but Stevens white blood count has come all the way down to normal! This is wonderful and the next step will be to stabilize the other readings.

It seems that it is kinda normal for the bloods to be all over the place for a while before settling down - we hope this does not take too long as he is feeling tired and worn out, which must get very frustrating, especially when it goes on for a long time.

Ok, here they are for any of you that are trying to figure this thing out and want the numbers:

WBC - 8.7 - normal! yehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
RBC - 3.37 - low
HGB - 9.9 - low (hemaglobin)
HCT - 30.3 - low (hematocrit)
RDW - high (this means his red blood cells are larger than normal - not a problem)

If any of you figure this all out - PULEEEZE call me, email me or write to me and let me know too! It seems like the more I read, the more I have to learn. Its definately a steep learning curve, but with the help of some truely amazing people on boards that are in the same situation as Steven, and me too, have helped tremendously by sifting through so much of the scary stuff, facts and meanings. Family and friends have been amazing too. Somehow this has changed me in a very deep way - and someday I will no doubt find a comfortable place again.

It is wonderful to go with Steven to his blood test - I love spending the time with him - he has a wicked sense of humor that comes with a really cute little smile! and a really positive way of looking at all this. He has once again got color in his face and looks better, but I am expecting him to get more tired again as the bloods wobble a bit before settling down. Laura is wonderful for him - they really look good and happy and Steven is obviously eating well - I eyed a very yummy looking plate of food the other night...........

As much as this cancer is controllable, treatable and hopefully cureable, it must be a drain on both of them in many ways. I would find the constant tiredness very difficult to deal with even though I would understand - but it is not normal for a young adult to be this tired, and it must be very trying for Laura too. Please keep sending your positive vibes, prayers and thoughts her way too.

Unfortunately Lisa was not a perfect match for Steven for the bone marrow. Fortunately this is not an urgent problem and hopefully not something we will ever have to worry about. She was tremendously dissappointed, but at the same time she is not totally ruled out as a possible donor. She is a 56% match, and if we ever have to do a transplant, we would hope for a better match than that, but she is 'on hold' just in case. She has been to the doctors to make sure that she stays healthy. This is great, firstly for herself and then for the obvious reasons. Major kudos to her for quitting smoking the minute she heard about Steven, and she is still smoke free! Well done, my girl!

Joleen has Steven on prayer lists, talks to people about him, widening the list of caring folks, she is wonderfully supportive and we will probably have her type tested in the next few weeks. It is amazing to see the upbeat-ness of this young lady - it wears me out just watching her! I drove with her for the first time yesterday - I think she was more nervous that I was......... well, I did threaten her with getting out on the highway if I was uncomfortable, but it turns out that she is a pretty darn good driver! And yes, I would drive with her again - no problem. :-)

So. The news seems all good at this stage. We will keep thinking positive. Steven has another appointment at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville in a few months and then we will know where this disease is going. The test that shows what percentage of his cells were leukemic came back 100% ! 100% of the cells had the deviant chromosome in them. The test in Nashville will tell us how Gleevec has brought this count down. We need to have this number at zero. So now you know what to think as regards to his Ph+ count - zip/zero/zilch.

We are hoping to go to Alaska again this year, but that will totally depend on the results of those tests - so we are going full steam ahead with the trip plans, absolutely believing that the results will be great.......... There is no other way to do it

Thanks for all the support, from everyone. The emails, phone calls, messages and thoughts are all help tremendously.

Till next time......

{*.*} This is a positive thought and a hug for a new friend of mine, Debbie and her daughter, Laura who also has CML at 19 years old)

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