Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pura Vida :)

Of all the things we are seeing in Costa Rica, the very very best were a few little numbers in a message Laura sent me this evening........ yes!  Steven's PCR results!  0.015% !!!  Thats even lower than last time and I had already made sure that I was prepared to hear that the results this time were going to be higher.  But lower?!?!?  Whooo hooo!

I would pass up everything, even this little green froglet that jumped off my hand straight onto my mouth, a kiss? - just to see results like this - but I get both!  How awesome is that!

Steven and Laura - I am so proud of you two, so proud of how you take this disease seriously, but dont let it take control over your life.  And I am so happy about these results - a huge thank you for emailing them to me!
Also - congratulations on your first wedding anniversary, Steven and Laura - wow- time really does fly!                                                       
Here in Costa Rica they have a saying "Pura Vida", pronounced "puhrah veedah" - it means 'everything is good, very good....  I will smile wider now every time someone says that - and they do so often - its used as a greeting and the answer to a greeting.....
Pura Vida........ yesssssssssssss!
love and light