Thursday, September 08, 2011

Taking it easy......

And so the results came in - all ok again.  Just a little just upwards, but nothing that has not happened before.

As a matter of fact, I have been so 'relaxed' about it all that I have not updated this blog with those results - even though we got them in a couple of weeks ago already!  Sorry........

This is a strange and new place for me to be in, this lack of real worry, of acceptance that those results will be ok, less ok or more ok - but they will be just what they are going to be.

I know it helps tremendously to know that Steven is really good about taking his Gleevec, that Laura keeps on his case and that they both know and live the importance of doing this the right way.  Steven looks great and life is pretty much cml free - well, free of the daily thoughts and worries.  Few side effects still make that easier too.

He, we, are so incredibly fortunate that he has responded so well to his meds.  I read other's blogs, I read the boards still sometimes but I am mostly just enjoying wallowing around in the sunshine and sand of good and peace-able results that allow me to do the 'normal' stuff in life.  I am hugely aware of how precious this time of being able to escape it all is, I am very aware that everything can change in just a second and that so often stuff does just that and then I flap in the wind for a while before finding my feet again. But so far, my feet have landed squarely on the ground, adaptions are made and life goes on in a new format.  I wish for us all that nothing regarding Steven's results change dramatically - well, unless of course its those numbers that head downwards

I have one of those little voices in my head that tells me that I need to start 'giving back' or paying forward.......... either way, I sense that sometime in the not too distant future, I will be involved in something along that line, not sure what - but for now, I am still mentally lying like a slug on that beach, enjoying the peace and quiet and sunshine.

Love and light