Monday, February 27, 2012

SO much good news!

And so the weeks and days tick-tocked on by and Thursday rolled around with really good results: weak positive :)

So much has been going on that it really was a short-lived celebration time - minutes, initially.  But as the days have rolled on by, I find myself smiling and just knowing that its ok, its ok again for another while.  I feel so deeply fortunate, so lucky, happy and grateful that Steven is doing so well with his treatment.  The side effects on Gleevec seem to be totally manageable for him - yet another reason for a big wide smile.

And so, I feel light again.

And, on another note.... the day after Steven's great results, I became a US Citizen!  What a wonderful, proud, happy and grateful day that was too.....:)   Here is me (in red) being sworn in... and now a Citizen!  It feels sooo good to belong, to belong here on this deeper level.  What a wonderful week this was.

Love and light and laughter - Annie

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Waiting again..

Sometimes my gut still clenches up like this dried up leaf when we are in the waiting phase.  Sometimes my heart squeezes tight when I think of others waiting for these results knowing that it probably wont be good, and then I break into a fine sweat, a lady-like one!, just thinking that I don't ever want to be in that position!

Steven looks great and seems great - not too long now, just a week or two, and we will once again know that he is doing great.  Please.

Love and light and hopes - Annie