Sunday, February 12, 2012

Waiting again..

Sometimes my gut still clenches up like this dried up leaf when we are in the waiting phase.  Sometimes my heart squeezes tight when I think of others waiting for these results knowing that it probably wont be good, and then I break into a fine sweat, a lady-like one!, just thinking that I don't ever want to be in that position!

Steven looks great and seems great - not too long now, just a week or two, and we will once again know that he is doing great.  Please.

Love and light and hopes - Annie


Lea White said...

Hang in there! I know how stressful things can be. And these waits are the longest ever! I believe you will have great results!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thanks Lea - I know you understand, better than many people!
Love - Annie

Chuck said...

Waiting always sucks, but the good results will be well worth it. I have my 6 month check up next week. It was supposed to be last month but they had a flood at the clinic. So I get to wait an additional month this time lucky me.
Everything will be fine with Steven's bloodwork and you will see the worry was for nothing other then that is a parents job.
Take care,

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Aaaah Chuck - I know you understand the waiting too. I hope your check up goes just beautifully and your results come in clean and wonderful :)
You have been such a support for me - thank you SO much!
love and light