Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Grateful all over again!

Before Glivec was launched world-wide in 2001, there was hardly any hope for leukaemia patients.

A Texas-based leukaemia specialist, stated recently: “Before the year 2000, when we saw patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia, we told them that they had a very bad disease, and their course was fatal, their prognosis was poor with a median survival of maybe three to six years ... Today when I see patients with CML, I tell them that the disease is an indolent leukaemia with an excellent prognosis, they will usually live their functional life span provided they take an oral medicine, Gleevec (known as Glivec outside the US), for the rest of their lives.”

I read this (above) earlier today and just sat for a moment in pure thankfulness that Steven is responding so well to Gleevec and that he has the benefit of the progress in these medications.

Wow, I feel really really fortunate.

love and light