Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Can it be 6 years?

Yes........ 6 years ago my world was crumbling, it was incredibly scary - no, terrifying, to say the very least.  And that was just me.  Six years ago, Steven had to tell the lovely Laura that their lives had changed, six years ago I tore apart a rose bush with bare hands.

Its been a very steep climb emotionally at times, pretty much a lonely road with me being held up, held together largely by people I had not met - the online support team that kept me going.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, none of my family or friends could truly understand how I felt, how I coped or did not cope.  As much as they tried, and I treasured them being there for me - I am incredibly grateful that they could not understand, as this meant they were not dealing with a cancer diagnosis in their child.

Its been a long six years, but here we are with Steven doing fantastically, living a life closer to 'normal' than many people with lessor issues.  His PCR results are great, his side effects minimal and his attitude just fantastic!

To all those who walked these years with me in any form, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Whether we are still in contact or not, you will always be part of who I have become, part of my strengths and I will always treasure you all tremendously for this, especially you moms - I carry you with me daily.

And Steven.... well, my boy, I love how you have dealt with your life despite, or because of, CML.  I love how you seem to take it all in your stride with very little drama and a lack of impatience at me and my occasional freaky day around it;  I love how you have taught people to treat you normally, and that you don't shy away from this part of you life.  I am SO proud of you!

Laura, you give me the ability to step back, to relax a bit about the leukemia and get on with my life.  Your taking Steven's CML in your stride too and keeping a beady eye on him means more to me than I think you know.  Both of you are really are an inspiration, a great example of dealing with the big stuff in life in an incredibly admirable manner.  Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One thing that I have realized over these years is that as long as my kids - all four of them, and all my wonderful grand kids are fine, then I am fine.

May the next 6 years filled with peace, beauty and strength.....

Love and Light