Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas again!

Where has the year gone!?  It's difficult to believe that it's this time again - Christmas.  It snuck up on us this year again....... I think I go through this denial every year - one day I will simply get ready in time and it will all feel right and right on time.

Once again I have my Christmas tree up and once again it is covered with little gift decorations depicting all the lovely people in my life.  Some of these little gifts have come with me the past few years, and others are newly added, but they all represent someone who means a lot to me, who has shared themselves, their fears and dreams with me too.  They represent the incredibly strong, courageous people all over the world that have changed me into the person I am.  I like me, by the way, so it was a good change!

You have all taught me strength, love, peace and acceptance and understanding even while going through tough times yourself.  You have made me laugh, cried with me, walked with me and shared with me..... you are the gifts in my life.

And you are on my tree!

And a candle in memory of those who are not here to celebrate Christmas with us - I burned a candle for you all, for you and your family left here to make sense of this life we have.

Here's thanking you all for yet another year with you and wishing you all a simply beautiful Christmas and a New Year that is filled with love, peace, laughter and peace.

Love and light and thanks