Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to square one...... plus

Its not the first time that there has been a bump up in Steven's counts.  Its now doubt, not the last time, but that really does not help much to calm the niggle deep inside.

His PCR results have been a little higher before - this time its 0.14%.  But last time it was "too low for a number".  

This is like being a puppet on a string.  Someone or something else yanks those strings and there I go all out of sync again.  I am really interested in seeing this result, though.  I have this very strong feeling that stress has a lot to do with these numbers, and although there has not been stress in Steven's life, not in the horrible sense, but there have been some changes.  All good changes, but all changes come with some kind, some level of stress.  Hopefully by the next PCR, all will have settled down again.  My heart too.

No matter what, even though (and this sounds more dramatic than I mean it to be) the road looks cloudy sometimes, that road still needs to be travelled.  And we will.  Steven is doing a great job of moving forward in big leaps and bounds with his life - I am SO proud of him!

love and light