Monday, February 27, 2012

SO much good news!

And so the weeks and days tick-tocked on by and Thursday rolled around with really good results: weak positive :)

So much has been going on that it really was a short-lived celebration time - minutes, initially.  But as the days have rolled on by, I find myself smiling and just knowing that its ok, its ok again for another while.  I feel so deeply fortunate, so lucky, happy and grateful that Steven is doing so well with his treatment.  The side effects on Gleevec seem to be totally manageable for him - yet another reason for a big wide smile.

And so, I feel light again.

And, on another note.... the day after Steven's great results, I became a US Citizen!  What a wonderful, proud, happy and grateful day that was too.....:)   Here is me (in red) being sworn in... and now a Citizen!  It feels sooo good to belong, to belong here on this deeper level.  What a wonderful week this was.

Love and light and laughter - Annie


Lea White said...

I love reading good news :-). Congratulations on becoming a citizen. That's amazing!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thanks Lea :)