Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy Apples.......

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Today, at the 'insistance' of a really good friend, Bea, I once again went to painting class. I do this occasionally and really love the group and the outing and the teach, of course! but realise that I should not quit my day job for a painting profession!

Today we painted a rusty bucket with apples. My painting drew many laughs when I changed the focus of the painting, let loose the idea of trying for perfection and had a blast. There is some 'grafitti' on the bucket: The date that Steven was diagnosed with CML; a sun for the sunny thoughts, positive vibes and determination we all have to beat this thing; those round red thingys under the sun are all the healthy blood cells he will have in the very near future - and keep; Steven's initials just because I think he is amazing and fantastic; the tear drops are for the tears we have shed and the tears of happiness we are going to shed when this is all better; the eye for eyes wide open and learning and awareness; the peace sign for everyone that is holding Steven, and all of us, in their hearts and prayers; and the mouth is for a million smiles and much happiness.............

And all the smiley apples? Well, I cannot paint apples and smiley faces make more smiley faces, besides I had told Wendy that I would do something to make her laugh too!

This painting is going to get framed, and I will keep it and will one day pass it on to Steven - so that his grandchildren can see what a nut his mother was!

Love you, my boy.

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