Monday, March 13, 2006

March 13th '06

Hello there

Steven has been on Gleevec for a few days now. He says there are none of the side effects mentioned with the medication, but still gets tired easily.... hopefully he will be able to manage that really soon.

Friday we will go back to the doctor and will hopefully see an improvement in the white blood cell count.

Not much else to report for now, which is good news.

These past two weeks have been very strange and scary. Lisa had her cell phone stolen, Joleen joined the Marines, Frank has been called to jury duty and Steven and CML. How does one process all this? Positively! Lisa got a new phone today, Joleen is very excited about the Marines and we feel that this might just be the best thing for her, Frank will learn something and get to do something different for two weeks and Steven will just get better and better and react well to these meds. And I will keep posting updates on all of the above

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toni holland said...

I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading though it. This is the day I was diagnosed with CML at Memorial Sloane Kettering in NYC, March 13, 2006. At this time my mother (my best friend) was battling Ovarian Cancer, but doing well, My husband and I were looking for our first home together, work was going well and then I found I had Leukemia. My first thought was that it was all over. It was such a blow. I dreaded having my mother find out. Thanks to Gleevec I never had to tell her. I was able to get through the initial side effects quietly, but it was the first time in my life that I had to keep such a terrible secret, but it was necessary as she had already battled enough. She would have felt as if she had to take on my battle as well. There were times that her mother's instinct kicked in and she asked me if everything was ok, but I think eventually she believed it was. I quietly went into remission where I have stayed for 3 years and 3 months. I was with my mother when she passed away and I believe she died thinking I was ok. And I am. I am grateful that we have Gleevec and other drugs and I am positive that its only going to get better. All the bestto you, Steven and you whole family. You are obviously a very loving and caring Mom.

Toni Holland