Friday, March 17, 2006

The first Gleevec blood test

And here I sit, waiting for the test results.............. I was going to go with Steven this morning for this blood test, but he seemed quite able and capable and willing to go on his own. As much as I want to 'control' this situation, I have to let him do this on his own when he wants to or can, trusting with all my heart that he wont hesitate to let me know if and when he wants me to go along with him - I will meet him or go with him anywhere, anytime without any hesitation at all.

He has promised to call me immediately with his results. I have promised myself that I will stop trying to be "mother hen" - its SO difficult! Maybe I should have gone along today seeing as it was the first blood test after starting Gleevec, and maybe not. Its too late now - he is there and I am here. And we wait.

And here they are: Last week his wbc was 176 000 - this week they are down to 119 000! Still a way to go to get to 'normal', but he is getting there.........They are coming down nicely and doc only wants to see Steven in two weeks time again. He, Steven, still has no side effects worth mentioning at all - so all is looking good.

And then there was a glitch with the insurance company - they did not receive his payment this month and were literally on the verge of cancelling his insurance! I know he wrote that check out! I quickly phoned their offices and made a telephone payment and Steven says that from now on he will stay at least a month ahead on payments to them! That was really scary and could have "spelled" some really dark clouds for us all.......

So all is looking a lot brighter this week. I will be able to see the official test results tonight and compare the other readings.

Thanks for all your support and care and phone calls - the really really do help make this easier.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I bet it will continue this pattern! Thinling of yopu all
xxx Duncan & Tilda

Anonymous said...

OOPS Spelling mistakes!!