Tuesday, March 21, 2006


This is a normal peripheral blood smear. The red blood cells are normocytic with good hemoglobin content. A normal, segmented neutrophil is in the center of the picture. A normal platelet is to the immediate left of the neutrophil. Other normal platelets are scattered throughout the field.

When you think of Steven - visualize this to be coursing through his veins!

So today I go and read yet another updated CML board, find a link to a page that grabs my attention for the next few hours. This was a site about people that have advanced CML and cancer - all SO much worse off than Steven is. I read these stories that are mostly written by mothers of these children and young adults.

I am humbled by the strength shown in these women and families dealing with such difficult situations. I am encouraged by so many of their stories, strengthened by their hopes and oh so glad that my personal black cloud of yesterday has passed by once again.

Thanks for your positive comments - they all help tons.............

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