Friday, March 10, 2006

The positives

This is a treatable disease and potentially cureable too.

Steven has medical insurance.

He does not live with us anymore - yet is really close by, which eliminates the total probability that I would smother him and be too much of a mother hen. Life must go on as normal as possible and I bet that it is easier for him this way. I know I would be a pain in the rear say the least.

We are really fortunate that, apart from the CML, Steven is physically healthy and strong. He has an incredible view to this disease and is emotionally strong too. He has not let this crush him - he goes to work, is out with his friends and by all accounts seems to be very positive about it all. Quite amazing for someone his age to be able to take this diagnosis and to keep going with such a wonderful outlook.

Ms Laura is a star! She is strong, wonderful, caring, loving, has a wonderful sense of humor and already threatening Steven with all sorts of potential horrors if he does not take his pills! He really is fortunate to have her. I am so proud of the way she is helping him with the CML, researching information on the internet and getting involved in an amazing way. She is his right hand through all this and I wish her all the strength she needs, and then an extra dose too. Please remember her in your prayers too - she is a Godsend. Her family is being fantastic as well, supporting, caring and loving, concerned and just plain great to Steven.

I am totally impressed with these two young people - totally impressed. My son is so much stronger than I could imagine - I am so very proud of him. I have been so totally blessed to have this child in my life. Blessed to have all three my children such wonderful people, such strong and determined young adults.

Frank is fantastic through all this. There are nights when I cannot sleep, when Nytol is the only way to get some rest. Frank holds me, lets me cry, croons and assures me that this is going to get better - much better. He is such an anchor, stable and reliable. He is comforting and sensible to the point where I want to bash him sometimes, but he is always there for me. He has tremendous respect and love for Steven and that night we heard that it was leukemia, he cried - saying that he would take it from Steven if he could. He somehow keeps things normal, refusing to let this take over my life and my mind, keeping me on an even keel. Quite a guy, he is. Quite a guy.

It has been amazing to see the web of people that have shown concern, caring and love in this situation. It is wonderful, strengthening and helps tremendously. I would like to ask you all to remember all those people out there struggling and living with cancer and other diseases that dont have the support we do - please remember them too.

So often no one knows how to react in a situation like this. This is also why I have made this site - you can leave comments and Steven and Laura and anyone else can get them at anytime. I will update this site with any important information as soon as it gets to us.

We are all looking for the 'normal' button - but it seems to have left us. Sometime it will come back, at least to some degree. But for now we try to deal a good dose of 'normal' in our daily lives as possible. Its difficult but worth a try, at the very least.

No doubt I will be sharing some more ramblings - I am finding that writing this does help me cope with this.....
For now - mbah.