Monday, September 24, 2007

Prettier days.........

Thank goodness that a day is only a day long! :-) I woke up today much better and think a good nights sleep had a lot to do with that.... I actually felt creative today so started playing with some of my photographs and a program I have. I love what I have been able to do - it makes me smile, remember the beauty all around us

A good day. :-)

Love and Light



Anonymous said...

Oh Annie-

You truly are amazing. I love reading your posts and how HONEST you are in them. Yes, there are angry days and I think that is wonderful that you admit to it. But just as amazing is the transformation of Monday's post and you recognizing all the wonder around you. Again, I REALLY appreciate your posts on my caringbridge. You have a way of making things be just fine. I bet you spread that to your children and all those in your life.
Happy weekend-

Mom said...


This is allyson mom, first time on your blog. your post Angry days..the tears fell you put into words the feelings I feel not all the time but sometimes. Searching their faces for signs, wondering how they cope everyday. But they are strong, see life from a different view. Mom is there to worry- Allyson says her Dr. at visit time looks at her says your fine all she needs to hear, and then sits with me , yes she is an adult, married and hoping to adopt, but Mom's are there. Have a great weekend, and thank you! Wendy

Living With Cml said...

Dear Lea and Wendy
Thanks so much for your comments. Lea - I am still waiting to hear who will win the honor of being your donor and Wendy, please email me if ever you want to chat or share the load - it makes it much easier in those times we get angry or worry. I am glad Allyson is doing well.
Thank you both
love and light