Monday, September 17, 2007

nothing now :-)

Many times words come to my mind - sometimes they are worried words, sometimes they are contented words with that feeling, and sometimes I think of something deep and profound, but then I am not near the computer and it does not feel or sound the same later that day or the next so thats why I have not written for a while. And also because everything seems to be going along just fine.

Steven is tired, but thats because he is 'playing hard' and has had a rough week this past one, work and college wise. They stopped by here yesterday to pick up their doglet that we babysat for them for the weekend - they both look good, and the doglets are exhausted, as are we! LOL. Here is a photo of them taking a short break... Look how exhausted little Allie is!

I found a few new blogs, some written from the people who are going through bone marrow transplants and one written by a mom too. I literally devour these blogs, finding now that I can read them, cry the tears and laugh as their stories take the twists and turns through heartache, pain and joy.... but I am able to let them go too. I mean that I am able to keep it in perspective and not let other sad stories drag me down - but I do keep going back to check.... I want to find good in this cancer journey - I have to!
So now we have another week and another cbc coming up - but I just know its going to be ok. No other option is acceptable.
Love and light

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