Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are things what they seem?

I find that I have a new fascination for seeing things up close and have been taking many really up close photographs - this in not one of them, but this is an example of my attempt to change things. Well, I cannot change the cml, but I can change other stuff :-)/ It seems that since Steven was diagnosed, I really do see things in a different way - I see that things that appear to be one thing, can quiet easily be another with just a few clicks of a mouse. That there are many different ways of seeing life, whether its an opinion or an item of a flower.

So this is one of my photos that I digitally altered. Does it make it a different flower? Has it changed what it is? Just because it is now almost unrecognisable from the original picture does not make it any different at all......

So that brings me to the question - what is really real? What is really the way I see it? Maybe its all just a matter of perspective at any given time or circumstance. I know that my perspective on what is important in life is very different now from what it was 20 years ago. Very different. Thankfully! LOL

Ok, ok - I am rambling and its time to call today a day.

Love and light
Ps. Shane, Lisa, Diane - I am sending you all very positive vibes, all the time! Hang in there.......XXXxxx

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adrian sudbury said...

Hi Annie,

Hope this comment finds you well. It's Adrian here, the bloke from England who you have been supporting with your kind comments and best wishes. I will be updating the blog in the next couple of days with a few more posts. My latest problem is chronic graft versus host disease which I'm sure you've come across -I'm confident of getting over it!

Thank you as well for all the support you have given my family and especially my mum (or should I say mom?!). You learn through this cruel ordeal that it's those closest to you that in many ways suffer the most. I know my mum has found your support and shared experiences massivley helpful.

Finally I just want to say best wishes to Steven. It's such a bloody rough disease to come to terms with and just to let him know if he ever wants to get in touch he is more than welcome. It's weird, I personally didn't really want to talk to other people about the disease but what I have found is everyone deals with cancer in different ways. I really hope the Glivec works for him.

Best wishes to you all,

Adrian Sudbury