Sunday, October 07, 2007

Out of town.....

We are in California at the moment :-) We came out here to surprise my daughter who is a Marine at 29 Palms. What a success that was - she did not suspect a thing at all and we had an awesome three days chatting late into the night and all day long. It was difficult to leave, and we will definately not let so long pass again before seeing her again!

We have had no cell phone signal, so I have not been able to get the results of Steven's latest cbc tests done this week. Yes, yes, cml is still on my mind, but I have to admit that even it was pushed to the back a good many times this past week :-)

Here is a photo of the moment of surprise with Joleen. What joy that was! We got all the way to her front door without her suspecting a thing even though we had chatted almost every day since we left Chattanooga!

More later - now to sleep.

love and light



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