Thursday, April 06, 2006


I was not happy with the month long wait till the next blood test, and Steven looked tired and worn out which must get terribly frustrating for him and I felt sorry for Laura with him being so tired all the time, and it simply ruined each day for me seeing my son looking like this! So. I called the doctor this morning while I was out walking, spoke to his nurse and told her that I felt that he should have another test - she agreed. His red blood counts were a tad low last week.....

And he called me with the results ........ wonderful news! Most of his counts are in the normal and correct range, the others are close! There are no "definitive flags" (things that normally worry me!) and the word "abnormal" is so obviously and wonderfully absent from the entire report!

It is totally amazing how this improved my day - I found myself feeling light, (despite the fact that I have still not managed to lose the determined pounds) smiling and laughing so much more all day long - I even played some games on the computer instead of the almost addictive research I have been doing since this all started. Then Steven came by to pick up his mail and give me the blood report - I pour over them like a starving person, disecting each reading and checking and rechecking online what it all means - but today there was so little to do!

Wonderful. And a really, really special bonus..........Steven had great color in his face - the first time in what feels like absolute ages. I hope this report has made a wonderful difference in his day too. I cannot imagine the worry and thoughts going through his mind - I can only guess at them, knowing mine.

We trust that this pattern continues in this wonderful way. Thank you all for your wonderful support - I know that its scary for you all as well.

Steven - we treasure you, Laura - you are a star!


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