Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Walk the Walk.........

So much good has happened since I last wrote. Steven is doing really well and its simply awesome to see him with color in his face. Yes, he still works his full time job and is going to be going to college later this year as well. We are in the process of changing his doctors for a variety of reasons and hope that we will all be more comfortable with the new group. Time will tell. One good thing is that they are closer to where he works, so less time will be lost from work when he goes for the blood tests. Hopefully we will get to meet with the new doctor early next week and more regular testing will be underway.

We have joined the Light the Night walk here in Chattanooga that takes place on Thursday 21st September this year - there will be lots of information coming your way regarding this. Hopefully you will all be encouraged to either donate to this Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for more research and to help families in need or walk the walk with us. I will send you all an email outlining the Big Plan to make this an amazing fundraiser and with details on how to join our team, walk with us and help with us. Be patient - it might take a few days still - there are many aspects to iron out. Note that the fundraiser is NOT for Steven, but for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I am learning the benefit of walking and am now up to just under 2 miles each morning, and push myself hard enough that I even break a sweat in that short distance. My knees are complaining a bit, but I see some of the people walking that track, and I have to keep going. Besides I am starting to enjoy it, although I have to close my eyes and push myself out of the door some mornings.

All of your support, phone calls, emails and guestbook entries are wonderful. Thank you!

Also, a really big thank you to my new online friends - the emails, the e-handholding, encouragement and friendship is simply wonderful ........... you are in my heart and this hug is for you......

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