Monday, April 24, 2006

New Day, New Doctor

Doctor J says that Steven should worry more about global warming than CML at this point!

He did get serious right after that, making sure that Steven understood clearly that this was not something to be 'let go' and had to watch it, and his reactions, carefully and continuously.

What a difference! He sat with us for as long as we had questions to ask, he actually answered them in totally understandable language... he joked, was serious - this doctor connected........ He went over terminology and explanations, results, he asked questions, listened to Stevens chest and felt for the spleen - all with his mind in the same room. At no time did we feel rushed, stupid nor did I feel like I was over reacting by voicing my questions, concerns and fears. Nothing was brushed off or glossed over. He made sure we understood what he was saying before moving on.... I am not sure that the word I am looking for is 'comforting' or ' comfortable', but he definately gave me the feeling that I could breathe again and that things were still heading in the right direction.

I find the pressure building inside me a day or two before each blood test, but it was even more noticeable this time because of going to the new doctor. Thankfully there was no need at all. We got lost on the way and had to call them three times for directions......... for some reason we were looking for a smaller building - it was not. There are real people answering the phone there, not an answering machine and everyone there is so calm, nice and relaxed.

So far Steven has had literally no side effects, nothing........... his spleen is totally normal too. He is scheduled for blood work every second week from here on and can do that at a local place on a Saturday or Sunday, helping along with the problem of losing work hours..... It looks as if he will be doing these bloods at the place he first went to when he was diagnosed - back to Chuck and crew! :-)

It was great just sitting and being able to ask questions and get answers! He also recommended that Steven not look to do the bone marrow transplant, saying that there is no reason for it at this stage at all. He says that the "graft versus host disease" that can occur is absolutely awful. So we all agreed that Gleevec simply will carry on working....

While we were there, we noticed a room where a good few folks were sitting getting chemotherapy. I have to tell you, it makes one SO grateful that its CML.......grateful for Gleevec....... and grateful for all those people that donated, worked and helped so that the research and development could happen.........and Steven can have a life........decidedly grateful that Steven was not among those getting chemo. Start seeing a circle here? It always seems to come back to how fortunate we are and just how important it is to Pay Forward.........

Ok, so I am having a good day.................. may it last forever!

Blood Readings:
WBC: 6400
RBC: 4.04
GR%: 76.4
HGB: 12.9
HCT: 37.3
RDW: 15.8
PLT: 142

Nothing dramatically outside the 'normal range' - getting really close the the first step of remission...........

Thanks for all your Yeeeehhhhhaaaa's and Yippppppeeeeeeee's. They all make for a really good day.


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