Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Changing Doctors........

So we decided to change Steven's local hematologist. I called and explained to the doctors nurse that we wanted to change. She said she would refer him to the new doctor - but made it obvious to me that she was not happy at all about this. But hey - all you people on the boards gave me the 'oomph' to push through with what is right and I insisted.

So earlier this week, I called the new doctor to see when we would be going to see him as we had heard nothing from them. They did not have Steven in their system and said I had to go back to the previous doctor and get them to phone a referral through. Feeling a bit like a ping pong ball, I again spoke to the nurse/secretary there. She said that they would not refer him to another local doctor. When I asked what I was to do now - her response was that Steven was no longer a patient of thiers as he had been told to collect his paperwork on Friday and had done so and that she could no longer help me with anything. And that under no circumstances would they help him get to the new doctor by making a phone call referral to a local hematologist.

I was good. I simply said goodbye. The way I figure this is that the doctor has CML too - he has enough problems and if this was the best way they could deal with a kid with cancer, they had bigger problems than we had! So I let it go. My teeth are a little bit shorter from the grinding and another gray hair sprouted - I felt it! But hey. Life really is too short .......

So I called the walk in clinic that Steven was seen at when all this was originally diagnosed. They had been calling him every few weeks to check on him and I was fortunate enough to catch and talk to the doctor that treated him then. What an amazing group of people they are. I told him our story about the doctor, gave him the name of the new one and within 10 minutes he called back with an appointment time, referral and all done! Thanks Chuck.............you really made my day! Its people like you that really make a difference.

So on Monday we will go to the new doctor and get the ball rolling again. Here are Steven's blood counts from the last test done on 5th April:

WBC - 4.7 ---- :-)
RBC - 3.55 ---going up - good!
HCT - 32.8 ---going up - good!
HGB - 10.7 --- going up - good!
PLT - 154 --- in normal range :-)
ANC - 3.7 --- in normal range: :-)

Steven looks really good. I can see now in photographs just how pale and worn out he looked before - its such a pleasure seeing him look better. It is difficult to see him looking so good and think that he has this cancer - the two just don't seem to go together. Laura was saying the other day that Steven thinks there has been a mistake made and he does not have leukemia after all! Its wonderful to see them laughing and talking about this, seeing that he is serious about taking his meds, doing things the right way.

They will both be walking in the Light The Night Walk at Coolidge Park Chattanooga on the 21st. Please plan to join us, there are walks all over the country.

And my youngest daughter, Joleen, joined the Marines. She is at boot camp at Parris Island right now. Lots of thoughts going her way too......


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Penny said...

Way to go Annie!

It's hard to believe that someone in the medical profession would be so shallow. Sad, very sad.

Good to hear that things are going well for Steven!