Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

A Rose for everyone..........

This day is an extra special day in so many ways. Its romantic, its fun and its a day when we can say, one extra time, that we love someone. I have never believed that this day is exclusively for lovers, or that it needs to be specifically romantic. It's simply another special day handed to us to make the very best out of it and to show our love in many different ways.

So - with that thought in mind I want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me through these last almost two years. All of you have helped give me my life back so that I can enjoy this Valentines day. I love you for your hand-holding, I love you for your support, your waiting with me, for understanding my cruddy moods around test time, for picking me up or re-aligning my thinking when I sink too low and for the joy and relief you so openly share when the results are good again. I love you for your friendships, for going with me and sometimes dragging me way beyond and away from cml. I love you for sharing your stories and scareds with me. I love you for all you know you have done and all you dont know you have done too.
So when I spend that romantic time with Frank this year again and tell him one extra time that I love him and enjoy the day once again, I will send a thank you to all of you too that I am sane, or insane enough (in a good way!) to be able to do so! Frank has kept my keel even on an hour to hour basis at times. When I get 'frilly', he is still Frank, stable and solid and caring and watching with wide shoulders and ever ready smile.
And Steven......... without your sense of humor, your way of dealing with the cml, without your openness in sharing all the details of your treatment, I could not have survived these past two years. You, most of all, have kept me on the right road, you have put this into perspective and many times put me to shame with your wonderful way of dealing with cancer in your life. I love you, my boy - you are my hero.
Laura - how do I say thank you for your love, your support and your keeping a keen and loving eye on Steven? I wonder if you know just how my heart sings when I hear you saying that you check every night that he has taken his meds? I wish you could feel the peace in my heart when I see your determination to live a normal and good life with Steven. There are many ways to say thank you - but none really say well enough how deeply I mean it. I love you, Laura, not only for what you do but for the wonderful person you are.
With love and light to you all
and with the deepest of thanks

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