Monday, February 11, 2008

Got them!

Yesssssssssss - we got the results today!
PCR 0.082% (last time was 0.095)
Log reduction 1.7 ( last time was 1.6)

Slowly slowly they creep downwards........:)

I called the doctors office around 9.30am this morning and when 2.30pm came around with no return call, I emailed Debs for moral support and with her encouragement, called again. More waiting until finally at around 4pm the call came in. The ladies were really sweet to me and I think they heard my wobbles in my voice by this time. It was strange - this time the waiting was easier but maybe I sent my worries into the 'anger feelings' about not getting any return phone calls. Either way, I was like a very seriously pms-ing, menopausal mama tiger cat today!

Amanda at the doctors office was really sweet and sorted out the problems, even calling Oregon to get them to fax the results to her.

So tonight all is sweet and well again. Steven's response was as if he knew it all along and was just glad that now I knew as well. Sweet boy..

And I am tired. Deeply tired. So off to bed with me with a thanks to Amanda and everyone that held my hand through the wait this time...... its so incredibly helpful when I know others care right along with me. Thanks!

love and light

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Rhonda Radliff said...

Hey girl. Great news!!!
I've been thinking about ya'll and wondering too. I don't like the wait either. Of course I'm way above zero, but it's nice to see folks moving more disease out of the body!

Take good rest and enjoy the great news.