Thursday, February 07, 2008

Still waiting...

Did I get a phone call today from the doctors office? After two messages? No. No phone call. The frillies increase in intensity, but I am still sane, still smiling and really treasuring today. I spoke to Steven this morning and all is well with him;
Lisa sent me this picture of McKenzie a bit later today................ ...... and Joleen's husband Billy arrived safely back from Iraq this afternoon! What a day :-)

So I thought I would add this one of little McKenzie from when I was babysitting a few weeks ago - she looks so .... snuggly :)

What is really great is that although the wait for Stevens results is now getting long and I definately feel my blood pressure rising, I am more able to deal with the wait. Definately better this time. The shop has been incredibly busy and what with all the house renovations we are doing on the weekends, I am also very tired. Maybe being so tired helps too. This is good.

This past weekend was great because I had the opportunity to break down a very strong built in cupboard in the back room, which entailed repeatedly and wildly swinging the hammer, pounding away at something that was not designed to move - and then it did! Success! Now I need the equivalent hammer to beat the h*ll out of cml. Why do I see Steven running away?? LOL

Hopefully tomorrow we will have some good numbers. I really look forward to hearing Steven's voice when those numbers are good!

love and light


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