Thursday, March 29, 2007

A good day.....

We got Steven's results from OHSU today......... PCR 0.076%, a 1.7 log reduction from OHSU baseline. His last PCR reading from January was 0.017% but we expected this increase due to it being the first time we have sent his blood to OHSU and them being a much more sensitive testing than the other labs that have analyzed his blood before. I am not too concerned at all at this upward wobble and trust that it will come down again the next time. I insist. :-)

His dr said that he has been doing 'a lot of reading lately and by all accounts its not necessary to change Steven's dosage of Gleevec at this stage' and he will be quite happy, as we are, to wait for the next PCR before even thinking of any changes. I like that he is not only reading, but willing to tell us that he is. A big change from not too long ago - he is starting to win my confidence.

Steven is doing great with almost no side effects and is looking great!

The specialist from Vanderbilt in Nashville also called today to tell Steven that they have found a 100% donor match for him! After asking how Steven was doing, he also agreed to no changes for now and agreed that a bone marrow transplant was not the right option for Steven at this stage. Steven says that he will not have a transplant, so they are wasting their time looking, but he totally understands the plus in having such a good match! Hopefully this is one of those cases where thought makes reality - none of us want him to have to go through a transplant and if we had anything to do with it, he will stay on this dose of gleevec till a cure is found!

So all looks good right now. I can breath again and I felt the tension seeping out of me this evening. I did not realise just how tense I had been the past few days while waiting. And Steven? Each time the results come in, I can hear the relief in his voice and the smile that fills the place where his tension was is simply lovely....

Funny how life is divided into three month sections these days and now we start the relaxed part of this quarter. :-)

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