Friday, March 09, 2007

No wobblies

I know there is stuff to write but its not flowing at all. Year one has passed and we are all moving forward. That rose bush grew at an incredible rate and needs trimming again - this time with gloves and cutters - not bare hands. Steven looks great, my girls are wonderful, we are working towards another roadtrip, maybe and taking doglet for 'practise runs' in the pickup and this weekend in the rv.

Steven had his blood drawn and sent to OHSU for his PCR test this time. This is the way we will be doing it from now on which will give us a lab with a known and reliable baseline to work from. We will hear around the end of the month what the results are but I refuse to wait for the results - I will live till they come and then, whatever they are, carry on living!

I asked Steven about taking his gleevec and both he and Laura said that he has only missed it once - right in the beginning months and once he forgot whether he had taken it, so took another in the morning being over cautious. I have to admit that this brought a smile to my heart and soul. I have stayed away from asking too much and definately from reminding him about his meds. He has a spare bottle of Gleevec that we got from a lady locally that also has cml but is now on Sprycel. Yes, the bottle was sealed and within its date limit. This gives Steven a day or so break around the time he has to get the new months supply just in case he does not get them on time.

He had a cbc too, but I have not remembered to get the doctors office to fax it to us yet - maybe I will remember Monday. This tells me a lot about my dealing with Steven's cml. Forgetting to get the results for three days in a row?? hmmmmmmm. I must be less freaky about it - strange how that crept up on me. But come Monday, I will get those results faxed :-)

So, no matter how deep I dig right now, there is nothing dramatic happening, no wobbly feelings and a knowlege that things will be what they will be. I am having a tremendous amount of fun with my new Rebel XTi camera and its incredible to see what that macro lens delivers! Whole worlds of wonders that we never knew existed.......

Thats me for now till more news happens :-)

love and light

ps - hello Serena!

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