Thursday, May 01, 2008

Guess what...

So Steven went to the doctor today but the pcr is not in yet, they say. So I called Oregon, and guess what - they sent it over a week ago. Can I get through to the doctors office now? Noooooo.
And of course Oregon could not fax it to me nor could they fax it to the doctors office without them inquiring about it.
Big Sigh.
Sometimes I think that dealing with cancer is so much more frustrating and scary than it needs to be - if the tests came back in time, if they were put in the right folders, if the right tests were done, if the doctors, nurses, staff even had an inkling of the stress the whole family feels around test time..... if, if, if......... then it might be just a tad easier.

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Anonymous said...


I feel your pain!! I hope you get answers soon!! I will be thinking of you. Nancy