Friday, May 02, 2008

'Tis good.......:)

Aaaaahhhhhh. It's frighteningly amazing just how I can measure the stress I felt in the first 30 seconds of getting another set of good results. The world seems brighter and I honestly think I ever breathe deeper. I know that my crabbiness leaves instantaneously - even though I did not realize that it was even there!

Today the doctor called Steven with the results - and Steven got them to fax him a copy of it all too.... PCR: 0.040. last PCR: 0.080. I see that for the first time, the new International Standard is being used in reporting the PCR. It gives a slightly higher reading than the other/old way of reporting. Steven's reading with the IS is 0.14, but this does not mean that his actual reading is higher, its just a standardized way of reporting the results. I am thrilled that they are moving towards International standardization of this test! So it's *good* and in the right direction and I am mightily relieved and now totally unstressed and even my face feels loose again! I must have been frowning a lot more than I realised.

I was really uptight when the doctor did not have the results in on time for his appointment and this has got me thinking of the lack of care - emotional care - given to so very many people dealing with cancer. No doubt more of this will come tumbling through my fingers at some time, but for now, I am happy, relieved, content and looking forward to a week at the beach.

We are leaving on Sunday morning for the Outer Banks in North Carolina - Cape Hatteras Island, Okracoke Island, to mention just a couple. There are long stretches of undeveloped beaches and we are really looking forward to days of slow beach walking and bicycle riding and photo taking. Doglet is not looking forward to the drive, but I know she will love the beach.

Love and light

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