Friday, May 30, 2008

Still here....

How many times have any of us sat on that fence, looking ahead at a world all out of focus? And how often have we thought there is no one that cares......... there's always someone.

love and light



steph_z said...

Hi! I am 24 years old from Toronto, Canada. My boyfriend has recently been dignosed with CML and I find your blog extremely comforting and real. Do you have an email address I can reach you at to ask a couple of questions? Would that be ok?

Take care and keep writing!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hi Steph
Yes sure - contact me at
Sorry about your boyfriend's diagnosis. Please do contact me.
And thanks!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hi again Steph.
Sometimes that comcast email does not work - here's another.

Anonymous said...


My brother was diagnosed with ALL July 2005, at age 28. He had a bone marrow transplant Jan 2006. He is doing great and living a normal life. If you have any questions email me

Wendy said...

Once again annie you capture our thoughts and feelings. And as I read I find myself saying I am glad someone else out there understands. I to have other children my son has 2 children and a daughter who has 1 and 1 on the way. Yes they light up my life. How I wish I could stay focused on them without the mind wandering and wishing for more. Enjoy the wedding plans have fun savor the moments. Wendy