Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blue Bird for you......

This picture of our resident blue bird made me think of so many people and things. Firstly, it made me think of all the color that has come into my life since Steven's diagnosis - the color being the love, the handholding, the cyber friends, the hope that even little kids give me and the strength of so many going through really tough times - also all those going along such similar roads to Steven that this new normal feels almost just plain normal. Whenever I look at this picture I think of you all... with a special twist for the mothers.

And it makes me think of the waiting. We sit on this fine wire of normalcy and its shakey at best in good times... but we are never alone - there are always people on that wire with us, maybe not always in focus, but there nevertheless.

I was fortunate enough to capture this awsomely beautiful bird the other day - I stalked him all around the garden, especially for Lea http://www.caringbridge.org:80/visit/leamorrison and Bianca http://whitesinnz.blogspot.com/ and Diane who's son Shane went through transplant. www.caringbridge.or/visit/shanemyers .

Yes, I get 'soppy' and many of my photos have "thoughts of life" attached to them....but that's me :-)

love and light

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Lea White said...

Hello there!

Wow, that is all I can say about your photos. They are so so good. And I love that they have "thoughts of life" attached to them.

Thank you for sending it for Bianca, she absolutely loved it and you made her day!

Lea White
Wellington, New Zealand