Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lottie's visit

What a wonderful visit this was! Lottie and Jimmy arrived on Monday early afternoon and we quickly twisted their arms to stay the night in the rv. Steven and Laura arrived after work and we all headed off for a meal at Applebees and some ice cream at home afterwards. Lottie picked up Steven's cbc that he had done that day and her comments about Steven's normal readings brought a smile to his face.

We had a lovely, laughing evening and I think Steven was given a lot of hope after seeing Lottie so full of life, laughter and mischief after 11 years of fighting cml and not ever getting even close to his response to any drug - so far! He could see that life does go on and I know he has heard that before from me, from friends and doctors, but here was a person really doing it and doing it very well indeed!

Lottie and Jimmy are wonderful, caring people with a beautiful sense of humor and a zest for life that is simply great!

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