Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Calmer waters.

Yes, I was worried, angry, scared and all that - but not for too long and only when I ignored the stuff that I actually knew and that which made logic sense and before we heard back from Dr Druker and before I read all the wonderful responses to my slight panic attack and before I was able to sleep on it and....... its quite amazing what a pressure release it is to let loose a few tears when they arrive. Not too many this time, but it really is like washing some of the scared away.

I typed my questions and 'scareds' on the Asia board and a more 'together' email to Dr Druker for his opinion. I was very happy when Steven's local oncologist, Dr J, asked me to get Dr Druker's opinion too. Anyway, Dr Druker worked his magic and answered that same night saying that the jump upwards was not that much at all and that Steven should have another PCR in 6 weeks after this one, which takes us to mid July and then he will give an opinion on where to go from there.

If the PCR then is higher still, then we will probably have mutation testing done, but nothing is urgent right now. So we will have those PCR results by the end of July. In the meantime Steven will go on with the 400mg Gleevec and will get another cbc done next week.

I had kinda, sorta put cml on the back burner, hoping that if I just believed that all would go smoothly, that it would. I kept up with reading the support boards but did not respond or post much at all. So when this rise in the pcr's came back and I posted on the Asia board, I was very touched by all the responses - private and on the board.. Its an incredible feeling to know that so many people really care and are out there ready to hold a wobbly hand. Totally priceless.

So now we will go on again as normal, wait for the cbc next week, then on Friday next week - off I go to see Gloria, Debs and Trish and when I get back again, the next pcr gets done. And then that three week wait starts. Maybe I will be good with that wait. Ya think? LOL

Big thanks to everyone who is walking this road with us - your love, support and encouragement really means so much to us all. I print out the responses for Steven and Laura and that helps them see that everything is, afterall, still on track. So far, this was just a little wobble - is that called a wibble?

Love and light and a gentle smile tonight

ps - hugs for Adam


Matt Sinclair said...

Hi...just wanted to drop by and wish you more strength and encouragement! CML is a long journey so keep on smiling and stay positive...

Take care, Matt

Anonymous said...

Glad Monday finds you on a more even keel. I plan to keep you so busy, you'll have no time for a wobble or even a wibble.


lbailes said...

I'm sorry you have to go through that waiting period... I certainly know what it is like! I'll keep you and Steven in my thoughts, and I hope everything goes well in a few weeks after the next test!