Thursday, June 14, 2007

The good days......

I have been not-so-gently reminded to update the blog........ thanks Serena! :-)

Life is going on in what is as close to normal as I can imagine. Yes, cml is definately a part of it... in a very strange and unexpected way, its not an unpleasant part of it either. My days include regularly keeping up with so many others that are also on this road and some that are battling different types of cancers. I find this as important a part of my day as the first wake-up cuppa coffee in the morning.

So, Steven's tests. Well, he had a cbc - complete blood count done when he had the blood drawn for the PCR that goes to Oregon and that came back pretty much perfect. His white counts have settled at a reading just below the 'normal' range but they are constant so we dont worry about that at all. Two of the other readings were a decimal point away from the normal range - all ok. And the PCR? The waiting has not stopped yet. This is almost week two over and done with, and I am not worrying about it, actually have not much thought about it much either. At times it pops into mind that my child has cancer and then I am awed by how research and development and giving and determination by some doctors and an incredible number of people has directly enabled my child to live a very normal life. :-) Therefore keeping me.........well, I was going to say 'sane', but I know a good number of people that would disagree with that, so let me just say that its allowed me to continue with my life as well. For this I am so incredibly thankful.

Tonight as we were rambling around the front garden, Steven and a friend drove up the road, stopping at the stop street right at the corner of our property. We exchanged some words that I am sure neither side could hear properly, but we could all clearly see that smile and hear the laugh and the fun heading down the road.. It's good.......... its really good.

I will, I promise, update this blog as soon as I get the PCR results - and thanks Serena for caring enough to bop me on the head! :-) It really is love that keeps the world turning, love and caring...
Love and light

Special hug to Shireen and Wendy! I am so happy with the good news!

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