Monday, June 25, 2007

An upward trend.........

A trend is what we look for in pcr results. Either up or down. It's up for Steven...... the trend is in the opposite direction to where I have been sending all my hopes, prayers and vibes. Here they are:

March '06: 0.13646%
June '06: 0.02868
Oct '06: Negative (qualitative)
Jan '07: 0.019%
March '07: 0.076%
June '07: 0.170% (back to square one and more)

So now we wait to see what Dr Druker's suggestion is, higher dose of Gleevec, changed meds, another bone marrow biopsy, mutation testings............. This is not a road I wanted Steven to be on at all.

This is not a road I want to walk, run or ride. Tonight I am angry. I am angry that a really good young man, with an attitude to life that I wish many more people would have, and a very positive attitude to this cancer, is having to deal with this.

Yes, I know there are meds out there that will do him better than Gleevec, that more and more reasons to be positive are out there, that............yada yada yada. Thats the logical side. Its the illogical side that's kicked in tonight. The anger. The disappointment and the bouncing marbles that turned to mush when I heard the results......

That's it for now. I will update again when we have more information on which road lies ahead now.

Love and light

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Anonymous said...

You're all in my thoughts and prayers please know that.
Love Trish