Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a ride! :-)

These past two weeks have gone so fast - it almost seems like a dream already. I boarded that first airplane with a definately elevated heartbeat and sweaty palms and then when I sat down, discovering that I only had half a window, I thought that if Steven can handle this cml I can handle a simple seven flights! And I did. Apart from the take offs and landings I loved the flying, taking many, many, I mean - many! photographs, many with the airplane wing in it. The clouds were awesome, the views of the snow tipped mountains, the rivers and fields below - there was just so much to see! I even saw another airplane flying far below us in the opposite direction. The landing in Denver was bumpy - very bumpy, coming into Seattle was so beautiful with the volcanoes dotting the horizon and Puget Sound glimmering in the sunshine, flying over the Rockies into Alberta was simply stunning and the bestest (yup, an Annie-word) was coming into Chattanooga again. The sunset from up there was simply so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes and then a few minutes later the lights of Chattanooga sparkled in the dark like gems winding around the river. Absolutely wonderful in so many ways.

I came into Denver at full speed and never stopped! LOL Gloria treated me to The Taffetas (60's musical) - and yes I sang along with a good 80% of the songs :-), The Titanic show was awesome, downtown Denver - fascinating, a proper High Tea, a pedicure - my first! That was truely awesome :-). We saved all her data on her computer, reformatted it, reloaded and made sure it was working again, all inbetween shopping, visits and many laughs and chats........ I think I can count the number of hours I slept on that weekend on one hand! And it was wonderful - simply wonderful. I was exhausted when I left Denver, but knew I would miss Gloria - and I do. She is a lovely lady with a twinkle in her eye - unless its 3am! LOL

Debs and I had met already and it was with a sense of peace that I saw her at the airport pickup place. She whisked me off for lunch at a beautiful resturant right on the banks of Puget Sound, where Seattle in all its glory lurked on the opposite banks while on our side things were quiet and gentle, with little rowing boats waiting to be taken out and a sailboat rocked gently across our view.

We motor-mouthed our way through the next few days - lunch at the Space Needle (the view was simply awesome!) the Pike Street Market, a walk through a stunning state park, a lovely drive to and from Bellingham, lunch with her two beautiful daughters - Laura looks so great and has and incredibly positive attitude not only towards cml, but towards life in general and the girls are so close and full of smiles and fun. We went on a short ferry ride too which was so refreshing too - I always breathe deeper when on the water. And we even had time to sit and share some photos as well.

It was so good to be back with another person that 'gets it' totally. This cml thing is such a big part of my life, but only another mom with a child having cml can really understand how deeply my joy and fears are so tied together, only another mom can fully understand all aspects of dealing with this on all the levels that we do as moms. I definately dont mean to put down others caregiving people with cancers, or other parents - but a mom does feel it differently. I am so incredibly fortunate and blessed to have found Debs, clicked with her and then being able to get together with her again now. She has been one of those people that have been instrumental in me keeping sane this past year and a bit.

And then I headed up into Calgary, Canada to Trish - Penny's sister. After rushing around seeing so many beautiful and awesome sights it was wonderful to be able to be quiet, relax and just get to know Trish and her 'other half'. Her sister brought photos from their trip to Egypt which enthralled me and got me interested in checking out many things on the web. And just when I thought I was going to really get some rest, Trish and Stu took me to the simply most awesome waterfall! A gentle river flowed over some lovely rounded rocks and then headed down in a beautiful waterfall - it all looked so peaceful until we headed down the very narrow, steep and winding, slippery path to the bottom of the falls........ I walked behind, watching Trish head down with her heart in her throat and could not help laughing at her. The 'hike' was well worth it when that cool breeze and fine spray hit us as we walked really close up to the falling water.....yes, we did have to head up that path again. Interesting, so say the least.....:-)

Then on to another beautiful waterfall - 133 steps to the viewing point. Yes, I did count them on the way back up and I had to count slowly to make sure I got it right - that was my excuse for going slowly up those steps and i am sticking to it! Of course I took many many photos and I had to laugh when I realised that my clicking finger was being matched by Trish all the way! LOL.

All in all this trip was a simply wonderful, exhausting, exciting and amazing 10 days with some really awesome people that are all so filled with love and understanding, fun and life. A really big thanks and heartfelt hug to you all! And its wonderful to be home again too. I faced a good many of my fears on this trip and through it all, Steven and all others dealing with cml and other cancers helped put my little wobbles into perspective. If you guys can deal with cancer - I can deal with my measely little (now gone) fears. Thanks!

Steven, you are still my hero!

Love and light

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