Thursday, July 05, 2007

TIme to fly

Tomorrow midday I fly out of here to meet up with Gloria, Debs and Trish...... wow - the time certainly arrived with a bump. Yes, I am packed up almost ready to go, well - as far as the act of leaving is. I dont like flying. At all. And whenever we go away, I have to prepare in case something goes wrong and I don't make it back. So there are letters that I write, and re-write, then there are the instructions I leave and it goes on and on and I just have to stop, relax and know what will be - will be. I know I go overboard and yes, I even drive myself nuts doing this. :-)

As soon as I get back it will be time for Steven's re-test of the PCR and I have been very fortunate in the timing of this test..... mind you - nothing I do can change the outcome, but I could not be away when the new results come in... So all is good.

All three my 'chickens' either called or came around to say goodbye - such a good feeling. Its going to be strange to be away without Frank and I know that the time is simply going to fly by and I will have a blast.

So, until I get back
Love and light

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