Friday, June 16, 2006

Vandy behind us - for now

Steven, Laura and I drove up to Nashville, Vanderbilt, for his PCR test. The car is a small one, Steven is tall and he sits in a leaned back position which pushes his knees forward - right against the dashboard. It was a lovely easy ride up there and we were all relaxed.

He had his blood drawn and we were all amazed again at the positive vibe in that hospital. I started talking to a lady that was battling a third bout of cancer - three different types, each lasting 7 years. What a beautiful lady she is....... lovely face, lovely attitude and lovely laugh. Steven and Laura were also quite amazed at her attitude -as was I.

We saw the Doctor for a few minutes, everything is going just great so there was not that much to discuss ( maybe I am wrong?). I did discover that a PCR had been done when we first went up there, so when the new results come out next week, we will have something to compare them to! Dr K said he would email them to me next week sometime.

I wish for the day that I know what questions to ask while we have the doctor captive in the same room!

According to the doctor, Steven is into the second stage of remission. First there is the hematological remission when the bloods are all stable and then you get the cytogenic remission, and the much sought after remission is the molecular remission. We all know what we are aiming for......... CURE!! :-)

I find that the few days before this test I started winding myself up, then when it all seemed ok, I relax to much that I simply dont have the energy to write much about it - so a few days have passed since we went up there...

I have just discovered more questions that I need to email to the doctor at Vanderbilt.......

More later


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