Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday's up's and up's...

So I left on time, tootled down to Steven's workplace and saw Lisa there too. She paraded me around the place telling everyone that "this is my mama!" A good feeling that she wants to do this! :-) I watched this child work with these enormous printing machines, pressing knobs, pulling levers, knowing exactly what she was doing, printing enormous posters for the circus and other places and really enjoyed the moment of knowing that she too, is growing up so beautifully. :-)

And then Steven hooked his long arm around me, yelled goodbye to everyone there and we headed to the doctors office. It was wonderful driving in the souped-up car, and we revved and sped and did that G-Force thing a few times - especially through the tunnel! A beautiful little self-satisfied smile played around the corners of his mouth and in his eyes all the way...... Really fun....:-) After hunting for parking and heading upstairs, we were recieved with blank looks when we gave his name - no appointment! They had apparently sent out a re-scheduling notice and Steven had not got it. Ah well, I got to spend time with two of my three sprogs - not a bad few hours spent at all, atall.. So Steven will have his blood drawn at the clinic again this Sunday and then we go to Vanderbilt for the PCR on the 14th. I will have to ask Dr K there all my questions.....

The motorhomes clothes were "computer fitted" today! We have the preliminary pictures which I will post in a day or so. There will be other names and websites added on to the motorhome - being one of them. We are hoping to find a few businesses that will part with some greenbacks for the privelege of having their name on there for the ride - and if we get enough of those - maybe we can even get the bakkie (pickup) decorated in a similar way!

I am really very aware that I am using this fundraiser to channel my energies/worries into. It does not make my caring or concern for Steven any less, it just turns it into positive energy for me. It is really great seeing Steven so interested in what is happening - I think the kids think I have gone insane, but nicely so! I love seeing their faces at the progress being made with this fundraiser....... I cant wait to see Joleen's face when we pick her up at Parris Island in the RV!!

The site has made it's first sale! and Penny has been busy adding artwork and information today. It looks wonderful now and will only get better as we add on more and more.

Now its way past my bedtime - today has has been such a good day.


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