Thursday, May 07, 2009

Results and things....

Time flies and so many things are going on right now - all good.. but I am only getting to posting Steven's PCR results now - almost a week after they came in!  Amazing how time changes things.

This time the numbers are slightly higher.....and I don't know if it's because I have this eternal knowledge that he is going to be fine, or whether it's because it's really not a big deal, but I really did not become 'frilly' about it at all.  Even the wait for these results have been easier than all the others.

In January the numbers were 0.039% (0.14 IS) and this time they are 0.049% (0.18 IS).  

I actually expected the slight rise as I have seen that when Steven has been more stressed, his PCR has always hopped slightly upwards.  I might be imagining this, but it seems as if stress does have an effect. He has had buying a house, moving, their fast approaching wedding and honeymoon as well as a good amount of parting with many dollars over all of these things.

Most of us would definitely have stress over any one of these, so I am almost surprised that the numbers are not higher.  I am SO glad they are not, though.  Now is not the time at all to worry with the wedding just over a week away and a lovely cruise to enjoy.

I am so excited about their wedding - everything is in place and I just know the day is going to be totally wonderful.

Little Miss Laura is one lovely young lady, not just in her looks but her personality and determination to get ahead in life.  She has been accepted into nursing school and in the new school year will be going to night classes as well as holding a full time job.  Before Steven was diagnosed with cml I thought she was great - now I honestly feel that she is much, much better than great - she is one seriously special lady - and of course, a perfect match for Steven. :)  

Here is a young lady who fell in love with a young man - with an expectation of a good many carefree years ahead.  Right as they started getting really serious about each other the cml bomb dropped.  Did she run?  Nope. Did she hide or fall apart?  Nope.  She stood up and faced it all and incorporated it into her daily life.  I know that it's tough on her sometimes and I know that there are many times when its just easier for her not to think about the leukemia at all and go on 'as normal'.  But she deals with it as part of the bundle that is Steven.  She deals with it with grace, love and responsibility as well as a good dollop of humor.

Laura is such an incredible help to my peace of mind.  I know that she is right next to Steven in the treatment of the cml.  I know that she occasionally has to nudge him re his Gleevec and is supportive and understanding of the tiredness and other minor side effects Steven has.  Even though its got to be quite an adjustment and a constant reminder that their lives are not as carefree as any of their friends' lives, never will be, Laura is firm in her vision and determination of a good and full life together.   I wish I could explain just how deeply this impresses the heck out of me. 

I know that there are many people out there dealing with things much more critical than this cml in Steven, but - and this is a big but - this is "our drama" and Laura is the closest to it apart from Steven, of course.  And in my mind and heart I know that this is one really special young lady.  I can not imagine how it would have been with someone less supportive and conciencious
and willing to keep me informed, not only about Steven, but importantly - her own feelings on this.

I am obviously very proud of all my children and children-in-law, and am absolutely thrilled to soon be officially adding Laura to my brood.

Laura I love you, always will and I thank you deeply.

love and light

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CML Wife said...

What a beautiful post, Annie! And how very lucky you are to bring a lovely lady into your family. I am certain that Steven and Laura, having learned that life is precious and uncertain, will be able to find the joy in each and every day they have together. May they have a long and fulfilling life together!

Wishing you all a beautiful wedding to celebrate the miracle of love!