Friday, May 29, 2009

The honeymooners are back!

Has it been two weeks already since Steven and Laura tied the knot?  Wow......  Thinking about that wonderful day still brings a smile to my face, and yes, I have spent endless happy hours sorting through the 13oo photos I took and printing many of them.  If you want to see more photos - go here:

 This day meant so much to me.... Seeing Laura walking down that pathway to join with the young man who could not take his eyes off her, was just incredible.  Yes, there were tears, but I did not want them to take over, so up came the camera and I clicked away all through the ceremony.  I have developed the knack of being able to see life happening while pointing the camera in the right direction, so I did not miss out on the moment nor limit myself to seeing it all through the lens only.  

The love and happiness and peace that both Steven and Laura exuded was lovely - it shone through their eyes, the way they held hands, the leaning in towards each other, the look in their eyes........  Their deep happiness was undeniable and totally wonderful.

And I only thought of cml once and that was when I thought that it was quite amazing that I had not thought of cml at all!  How's that?!  Looking at the photographs of me, I was really thrilled that my leukemia bracelet was not there with us all.... that it was still happily parked at home in a folder filled with other items from the previous 3 years.

Steven and Laura had a wonderful honeymoon - they went on a cruise to the West Caribbean and looked so relaxed and unstressed when they got back.  Now its all back to dealing with life without all the planning and promise of a lovely party and vacation ahead.  I laughed at Steven already cutting the lawn and fighting with the weedeater....   I bet that in some ways it already feels as if the past two weeks are fading into history.

Oh yes, they missed the flight to Miami for the honeymoon cruise, so we quickly got them another flight that got them to the boat with minutes to spare.... but then when they tried coming back again, they found that Delta had cancelled their return flight!  Apparently Delta cancelled the return leg because the first leg of the trip was unused.  That is just not right - they had that ticket fully paid for and had to buy new tickets to get back home.  They ended up on the same flight, at double the cost.  Something stinks and Delta is going to hear about it!

I really take my hat off to both these young people.  They love each other, stand by each other - no matter what!  Yes, there will be tough times, there have been already with the cml, but they just seem to get stronger and more determined to get ahead, to live, love and to enjoy.

In just a few months Laura starts night school in addition to her full day job and the challenges of fixing odd things around the house and garden start for the first time for them in their own home.

There are times since the wedding that I have felt a bit wobbly - tearful even.  Maybe it's because I am so incredibly grateful that the horrible feelings and fears I had just over three years ago are just not that intense anymore.  While printing and framing a couple of photos again today, I sent yet another set of deeply sincere thanks to Dr Druker.  Where would we be without all his work and dedication?  

This has been one truly beautiful year.  Baja trip, Steven and Laura buying a house and getting married, good pcr results, another grandbaby on the way and my youngest daughter moving back to TN.  Sadly this is because her husband is going to Afghanistan later this year, but we get her for about a year!

I am so grateful, so grateful for so many things....

Oh - and here's something else I am grateful for - Lea!  Go and read her latest blog on Glamour here.

It's quite amazing to me that even though cancer brings so much devastation it also brings out the most awesome people.  Any blog you read, you will find people responding, holding hands, encouraging or crying with someone...  It is honestly a whole new world.

Also, visit Diane's blog - I love her style of writing, she really nails those feelings on the head, makes one feel her pain and at the same time I find a chuckle bubbling out of me - she has a lovely way of making words jump to life.  Nick, her son, can definitely do with any and all extra thoughts, prayers and encouragement.    Diane also has some lovely music playing on her blog.

My life is so filled with wonderful people - thanks to each and every one of you!

love and light


Lea White said...

Congrats on your son's marriage, that is so incredibly special. He has come such a long way and I pray and believe that him and his beautiful bride will have a happy ever after!


PS. I tagged you over at my blog -

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thanks Lea :)

hockeychic said...

What a great picture of the two of them. I just love how full of life Steven is.

Your words are beautiful as always.