Sunday, May 17, 2009

Presenting Mr & Mrs K

What a totally awesome day!


Barbara (UK) said...

Hi Annie!

I've left a comment on facebook saying how beautiful Steven and Laura look in their Wedding photos. What a day it must have been, for all of you. A wonderful day, full of joy. I can't even begin to imagine. You so obviously have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, and it's obvious the relationship between you all is so very special. Reading back over your past few entries I just wanted to say again how much I love your words and thoughts, and of course your photographs. You are a very special mum, a wonderful lady and an inspiration to me. Thank you for being there and sharing your life, it is an honour to be a little part of it. I wish Laura and Steven the happiest of times and hope they enjoy their honeymoon. They are a beautiful couple and so deserve the best in life. So here's wishing them every happiness and much joy together. Much love to you all, even though we've never met! xxx

hockeychic said...

What wonderful pictures! What a joyous occasion. I am touched so much by this pictures and also by the entry about the bracelet.

I echo Barbara's thoughts, I love your words, thoughts and photographs.

What joy to see these photos!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos! Congratulations and best wishes to the obviously extremely happy couple. Steven and Laura look radiantly happy. You must have had a wonderful day! Thanks very much for sharing the day.
Annie, I also echo Barbara's words, you're a very special lady!
Kerry (Australia)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!! Cinderellla LOOK OUT!!!!!!! They are a gorgeous couple and amazing photos. You can tell the love, excitement, joy, hope, and care they have for each other.

Thanks for sharing these- they make me so hopeful. I love to see Steven reach his dreams and he is such an amazing young man on so many levels.

Annie, wow- he is married and doing GREAT!!!! You have been such a caregiver, mom, and supporter to him to have him reach many of these life milestones.

With great love and respect,

Matt said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Those kids look beautiful! I couldn't be happier for you, your family, Steven and his new bride.

A very special day indeed.

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! It was simply a glorious day.
love and light