Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Days......

After the last visit to Dr J, Steven came out of there saying that "the doctor does not care - its all about the money". That's sad, but what is sadder is that I got the same impression. Now I know that different people see things different ways and that we are not fully used to how the medical profession works. I also know that I probably have a 1960's view of how doctors should respond or treat their patients emotionally. So although Dr J is probably a wonderful doctor, he was just not for us at this time.

So now Steven will be seeing Dr S, who is in the same organisation, but at a different office. It would be wonderful if we could interview these doctors, ask them questions before 'employing' them. Thats how it should work. Instead, you get sent to a doctor while still in shock, the average person kinda believes that the doc will have their best interests at heart and when the relationship does not work, its a horror story to change doctors. Of course I am speaking generally - I sincerely hope there are doctors out there that really do care, and show it too, about their 'employers'.

Now THERE's a thought! We are the employers of doctors! Why is it that it feels like the other way around? We should be able to interview them first, check out their credentials (which we can do, with limits) and expect the very best service for the incredible amount of money we pay out to see them! I look at how much a doctor visit costs - yes, insurance covers it all except a co-pay, but the amount is astronomical for the short number of minutes one is actually in the presence of The Doctor. Why is it that it's us, the 'patient' that seems to be grateful to see the doctor, and not the other way around? They should be doing their best to keep us coming back, instead it really feels as if it does not matter to them at all. So far, anyway......hmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyway. I really hope that this doctor is one that Steven will 'click' with. I would love to stop feeling as if I need to be one step ahead of the doctor, stop feeling as if I need to check up on whether the doc has the best info and I definately need to know that the doctor will at least do the tests in the way recommended by Dr Druker himself. I will not stop checking for a while, even if this move is a good one - well, until I know that Steven is with a team that really has his best interests at heart.

Steven looks good and when they were here the other evening for supper, it was so good to see him taking his gleevec just as normal as can be. No fuss, no problem and no hiding it. It looked as if it was all just a part of life for him. And of course it is - and it was good to see it happening so smoothly. Whattakid :-)

Two other good things happened this week. I got to babysit my youngest grandchild for a whole 5 hours! This was the first time she was away from her mama, my middle child, for more than 30 minutes and it was very interesting :-) She cried a little, McKenzie - not Lisa!, ate well and snuggled up to me all the time, either sleeping or just laying there while I hummed, sang and prayed very hard that she was done showing me just how awesome a set of lungs she has! That kid could take the place of a lighthouse! LOL. And then we got a box in the mail with an American Flag, a certificate and a note from our son-in-law (SIL) who is in Iraq until February. He flew a flag for Frank and I on Christmas day! And then sent the flag to us. How awesome is that? My daughter( my youngest child) is also a Marine, based at 29 Palms, CA and reeeaaally looking forward to him coming home again.

So, my bootstraps were obviously well pulled up - thanks again Kay for finding them for me! It feels good to have so much good going on around us. We are so thankful for every healthy day. I am very aware that everything could change in a second and very aware of those whose paths are not as smooth as Steven's, and therefore mine, right now.

Monday is PCR draw day again, then 3 weeks wait for the results. It will be easier. It will be easier. It will be easier. And then we get to visit with the doctor on...............yes, Valentines Day!

love and light
especially to Kay and family and Lea and family

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