Friday, November 02, 2007


I could not stand it. WHY is there always a weekend when waiting for results? The weekends feel like wasted time when there is no chance of getting the results and everything just goes on hold. Maybe one day I will treasure those times........ I hope so!

ANYWAY - I called the oncologist today to see if, perhaps, per chance, maybe the results had come in already and they had! The doctor that called me back was a stand-in for Dr J and he said that everything was negative. Of course that was not good enough for me, I want the numbers! So he said he would call back, which he did. I think the only thing I remember about the second conversation is that he said the words 'molecular remission'. And everything turned blurry and the papers on my desk picked up the tears that fell. He said that there was no sign of leukemia cells - that the right test had been done and that this was awesome news! What a feeling!

I could immediately think of 100 people I wanted to tell! Steven first, of course. Boy did he sound thrilled! :-) Then I just sat. What a feeling. Molecular Remission - those words deserve upper case. Every time.

I asked the doctor to fax the results to me so that I could hold them in my hands, which he did, and that's when I discovered that these results were not from the normal lab we send the blood to. This test was done at a Maryland, TN lab, not the OHSU lab. Oh dear. So I called back and discovered that the doctors office had also sent off blood to the local lab for a pcr. I am not quite sure why as they know we send it to OHSU in Oregon, have done for the last 5 tests now. So two pcr tests were done this time. Will the insurance cover it? Who knows, does it even matter right now?? Nah :-)

The best is to have the tests done at the same lab, so I am really keen to see what the OHSU lab comes back with - that should be next week. But this is wonderful news.......... PCRU at a local lab is soooo good. PCRU at OHSU will be Awesome. The trend is right. Down, down, down.

Tonight I celebrate those letters with an enormous smile that nothing can wipe clear.


Love and light

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