Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not pcru :-(

Steven's proper set of results came in - the ones from OHSU. The other wonderful results were not, after all, wonderful. The doctor got it wrong - the wrong type of test was done, sent to the wrong lab. Or rather - they sent away for a second pcr to a local lab without us knowing.

So his proper results are just only a tiny, teeny bit better than the previous time. Last reading was 0.10%, this reading 0.095%. Its still in the right direction, but just not the pcru we were told by the stand-in doc. I am going to have a hissy fit tomorrow at the doc's office. The worst is that I have to tell Steven before then that the results were not right. The kid was SO happy about being negative for once.

Such is life

I need to paint a rocking chair picture - worry is like a rocking chair - takes you nowhere.

I am not really upset at the results - of course we would have liked them to be better than what they are, but the trend is still downward and Steven feels good. But the fact that it seems as if I need to stand behind these doctors all the time seems to be totally rediculous. When Dr H called to tell me that Steven was PCRU, I asked him to check, to give me the numbers, the percentage and checked again that it was a quantitative test done, not the qualitative. Doc assured me that it was the correct test and that Steven was pcru.

Not for a minute did I think that it was a test from anywhere other than OHSU. There was no reason to think that. I know that the blood was sent off to OHSU - Steven did it himself. So I assumed (there is that word again!) that I could just take what the doctor was saying as being correct. ASS (out of) U (and) ME = Assume.

Now I need to 'un-tell' Steven before we get to the doc appointment tomorrow. I think some sparks will fly in that meeting. Steven really needs a doctor that he can rely on to at least give us accurate test results!

But, as I said to a friend of mine, the sun is still shining in this neck of the woods.

love and light


Lori said...

Don't go getting upset because Steven is not PCRU from the OHSU lab. I just had this conversation with Dr. Druker and my local doctor in the past couple of months. The OHSU lab is just more sensitive than most of the other labs. Rejoice in the fact that he is so far into remission that this would even happen to you. Negative at even a local lab when the OHSU one comes back positive (at less than 1%) is NOT BAD! I would be celebrating that the numbers are just "less". I DO understand the headache and emotional stress involved with the mix-up of labs though. Stay positive!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thank you Lori!
Big hugs back to you