Saturday, November 03, 2007

Vote for Baldy's Blog!

Hey there everyone

I follow the story of Adrian ( and his bone marrow transplant because of AML and CML - yes, the only person in the world known to have both these leukemias. He is in the UK. And his mom is wonderful too!

He has done an incredible job of video blogging his transplant and sharing with so many others the the real aspect of going through all this. He did not do this for any personal gain and has helped so many others with his honesty and ability to put into plain english what otherwise sounds like greek. He has also brought out into the open what a bone marrow transplant really entails. Really some wonderful watching and reading.

Now, wonderfully, Baldy's Blog is a finalist in an international competition - the results will be announced in Las Vegas at the end of next week. And he can do with some votes. So far he is ahead of anyone else, but com'on, lets help him get this award! I have looked at the other blogs in the medical category, and have to say that his is the most touching, personal and real. He will gain nothing by winning this award, he wont even be able to come to the USA to get it. There is no monetary value to it at all. Just an incredible feather in his cap.

Will you all please go to the site, click on the big graphic there to vote, look for the Best Medical/Health Issues Blog it's under the second heading - and vote for Baldy's Blog. Read his blog, if you have the time....... its quite a ride!

Thanks everyone..... this young man really and totally deserves this..... check out that picture of his smile while you are on his blog....... :-) And vote EVERY DAY!!! not just once :-)

love and light

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