Sunday, August 19, 2007

For Adams mom........

Today a friend of mine called from California - her nephew Adam passed away from cancer - AML. This incredible young man was 25 years old - he was too young to die! I did not know him at all - just what Lisa has told me, but I found myself dripping tears onto the kitchen counter as she told me. She had told me of camping trips, his way with kids, his smile and his talent. A wonderful, special, nice kid. And now he is gone. Way too soon.

Steven is 24. I don't like to hear this happening to people this age group. I don't like this happening to anyone at all - but this age? Its cruel. Lisa told me of his last days here, the anguish of his mom, his family and his pain and suffering. We are all told of how they are in a better place, how they are not suffering anymore etc etc. That's one thing, the anguish, pain and unfairness of it all still has to be dealt with by those left behind. A new life - never as complete as before.

To Adam's mom - when I see my son, I will remember Adam too. I will remember Adam as Lisa described him - laughing, deep, caring, smiling, artistic and a very special person. I am so sorry for your loss.

love and light

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