Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breathing again!

Ok - so we just got the results in......... Steven is headed in the right direction again. His PCR readings just a tad lower than the last test, but lower nevertheless. Here they are:

4th June Mid July
PCR = 0.17 PCR = 0.10
Log Reduction: 1.4 Log reduction: 1.6
The log reduction is a log drop from the baseline at OHSU and the higher the number, the better. We are still hopeful that he will get the the cherished 3-log reduction in the not too distant future.

My reaction to the results was quite scary. I had not realised just how tense and scared I was waiting for this result to come back. The wait went on forever because it was in essence a double dooby wait - from June - then the shock of the rise of pcr and the wait till we could redo the pcr and then this wait that simply went on beyond sanity for me this time.

So now, months and months of tension have drained out of me and even though I hear the next test knocking at the door - not today. Today I am going to smile and enjoy these results to the fullest! I literally feel as if the world has lifted off my shoulders.

Today is good - no matter what. Today is good.
love and light

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Anonymous said...

You always say the right heartfelt thoughts that I think but have a harder time putting to paper.