Saturday, November 25, 2006

laughter - should I?

I had to laugh tonight reading Jon's blog - its so true - there is a moment of truth at 'new meetings' that can turn the conversation silent........ "How are you? Fine. And the kids? One a US Marine (a smile), one married and now pregnant (another smile) and the other dealing with leukemia.(.........)" They often don't gulp loudly or more than twice, but I see the throat work, that hunted deer look in the eyes and can almost hear the thought "what the (*&^% do I say now??" Almost always I am already in there, lightly saying that its ok - he is doing well and all will be fine........ and oh yes, how are you?? Depending on the look on their face, I tend to burble a bit more, giving them time to gather their beads of sweat off the forehead and form an answer. These days the doglet can help make the conversation change tack if they need it to.

I should not laugh - but I do and its not out of mean-ness, but almost from relief that there are people that are not having to deal with cancer in their lives and therefore really don't know how to respond! Its a good thing to see. It's not that people want to avoid the situation as much as I think it is that they literally don't know what the 'right thing' is to say. I was one of them once upon a long time ago...... before cancer was here to stay.

I think the most surprising and sad thing is the number of people that respond with their own cancer story - one that they, or their parent/child or friend is the main character. So many of those people - too many of us. Way too many.

How Steven handles meeting people of pre-diagnosis, I am not sure. I will ask him one day, but I do know that cml is not as much in the forefront for him as it was a few months ago. Thankfully.

Tonight I will still savor that good moment of someone out there understanding........ and be thankful for that, even though it is bred in their own rough road.

Love and light to everyone reading this.

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Trish said...

You are such an amazing lady. Do you know that? :)

Love you